#Lunarpunk Party | June 5, 2023 @ Prague

When the discussions of the Web3Privacy Summit #1 conclude on June 5th, 2023, a new conversation begins. In the echoes of an underground theatre in Prague, the "Lunarpunk Party" will rise from 8 PM, carrying the spirit of the Summit into the night.

This isn't your typical afterparty - it's a confluence of minds, a gathering of visionaries, and a celebration of the principles of privacy and decentralization that Web3 embodies. Set in a cypherpunk-styled venue, the night will unfold amid a backdrop of thought-provoking posters and evocative light projections, providing a visual testament to our collective commitment to privacy.

As the night deepens, the space will come alive with the universal language of electronic music. Not as a tribute to any DJ or producer, but as an homage to our shared culture and the rhythms that connect us all. The pulsating beats will serve as a shared heartbeat for every privacy advocate, industry trailblazer, and technology enthusiast in attendance.

The Lunarpunk Party is the closing act of our Summit, but it's more than a finale. It's a bridge, connecting the ideals discussed at the Summit to the cultural movement they inspire. Here, amidst the sounds of electronic music and the simplicity of our surroundings, we will turn conversation into action, and action into a cultural revolution.

Join us at the Lunarpunk Party, where the ethos of Web3 becomes a lived experience. Here, under the quiet hum of the underground, the future is decentralized, the dialogue is ongoing, and the celebration of our shared journey is just beginning. Let's dance to the beat of Web3.